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 Founded in 2018


      The Future Paralegals of America

Our Organizational Vision

Assisting individuals with services that can enhance legal ability. Dedicating time to enhance education virtually. Defining a cultural meaning of community assistance for low-income individuals who are not capable of providing the necessary daily needs of life's everyday struggles. 

The Owner

Eshawn Jessica Scipio

The Future Paralegals of America was established in May of 2018. My primary goal was to provide an understanding of law. However, many individuals are not able to afford the necessary instruments for legal accountability. With structure, I've constructed an organization that is tailored for everyone virtually. I am a member of the American Bar Association, a Contract Paralegal for the State of South Carolina and a Notary Public for the State of South Carolina. I have completed the requirements to become an Apple Teacher, Certified RON Notary with NNA. 

The "Paralegal Services" division assist with document preparation, notarization, legal research, case briefs, lawyer referrals, scholarship searches, E-book resources and CEU credited hours. There is various assistance offered by our organization to help individuals, families, and the community with daily legal struggles. 

The "Community Assistance" division provides individuals the chance to get assistance in the forms of housing, career, education, clothing, and food. There is a need in the community and many individuals are not equipped with the skills or the knowledge to over come that boundary; however, with integrity we will help establish that desire; which is, to help individuals succeed successfully. 

The "Educational" division provides individuals the opportunity to earn a Legal Technology degree. All courses are provided by "The University of Law and Technology". Enrollment is free, materials are free.

 Requirement: Participation and Dedication. 

The "Lawyers" division provides assistance with legal issues that arise from criminal, civil rights, civil, and introducing cyberlaw. The Lawyers division assist with specialized areas of law only. 

The Glory of Good 

Is to Win Against Evil

Value 01.


Adhere to courtesy. Never let individuals bring one out of self-character by any means necessary.

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